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I can't believe the time. I need to hurry if I'm going to get to the meeting.
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Is that a new coffee shop? I'll run over and grab a grande skinny latte.
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I'm starving. I can't wait to meet my friends for a quick bite.
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TSA - Drivers
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People are Fragile

The brief

The City of Vancouver is renowned for its innovative programs in the areas of sustainability, accessibility and inclusivity. Hot Tomali engaged with the City of Vancouver to develop a campaign focused on reducing the number of road traffic accidents in Vancouver. A campaign was developed focusing on pedestrians, cyclists and motorists through out of home media, gureilla marketing and website.

The campaign was to specifically raise awareness of the following user behaviours:

  • Pedestrians jaywalking
  • Cyclists running stop signs/lights
  • Drivers failing to stop for pedestrians at intersections (marked and unmarked)


The goal of the Road User Safety Awareness Program was to reduce the number of accidents by touching on one or more of these elements:

  • Increasing awareness of the top three inconsiderate, risk-inducing road user behaviours.
  • Highlighting the potential consequences of not practicing safer road user behaviour/following the rules.
  • Increasing safe user behaviour by encouraging everyone to show consideration and follow the rules.


The innovative campaign with its application and messaging generated lots of regional media interest, which spread across the newswire, blog platforms and social media sites such as Flickr and Twitter. We've also had interests in the campaign as far away as Germany.

Who We Are

Hot Tomali is an award-winning integrated marketing communications agency based in Vancouver, BC. We're guided by ideas–not mediums. Every project is approached individually to tailor innovative and thought-provoking marketing communications that are specific to your audience. Your needs are unique and every project is unique. Shouldn't every solution also be unique?