Goodbye Canadian Tire!

Good Morning, Destruction!

Walking into the office this morning, we witnessed something that we — well, let’s be honest… we’ve waited for this moment for a while — didn’t think would happen: the decrepit Canadian Tire on Mclean & Hastings being torn down, brick by brick.

Nothing like the smell of building destruction in the morning to go with your coffee.

What would be your soundtrack while tearing down a building with heavy machinery?

After surveying the Hot Tomali team, here’s what we came up with. (Don’t judge us.)

Dav: Nothing like a steady beat to keep the destruction going.

Kyle: First,

Closely followed by:

Dave: First,

Followed by classical..

Jan: Something from these guys:

Jeffrey: How about some Proto-Punk?

Carolyn: Yup, Guiles Theme!

Nicole: NO. Sephiroth’s One-Winged Angel! Wait… is my nerd showing?

Happy Thursday!

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