Customer Insight

What’s up with those customers?

Hot Tomali spends a lot of time thinking about your customers: What makes them tick? Where are they hanging out? Why do they keep clicking on that page of the website? We really believe that being a great marketing partner means understanding your customers. And we’ve built some core disciplines to support this through all strategic, creative, and tactical phases. We engage primary and secondary research capabilities to anchor early program planning. We utilize tracking and analysis tools both online and offline during campaigns. And we do extensive post-program evaluations to report the results, and support the continual improvement in your marketing efforts.

Our expertise in customer insight techniques includes the following:

  • Market opportunity analysis
  • Research design and implementation
  • Online analytics program development and operation (Google Analytics certified)
  • Website usability testing programs
  • Website optimization/multi-variant testing: planning, programming, analysis

Above all, we are repeatedly challenging ourselves with the question: if we can’t measure it, why are we doing it?

Who We Are

Hot Tomali is an award-winning integrated marketing communications agency based in Vancouver, BC. We're guided by ideas–not mediums. Every project is approached individually to tailor innovative and thought-provoking marketing communications that are specific to your audience. Your needs are unique and every project is unique. Shouldn't every solution also be unique?