Community Building

Support your customers. Grow your customers.

Do you have an active group of connected customers? Can they email, chat, and text each other? Learn together? Share events and photos? Vote on each other’s appearance? Okay, what about meet up with each other?

Building a community around your core customer group allows you to support, engage, and grow with them. At the same time, it allows them to interact and support each other in a self-sustaining way.

So who supports your business? How can we help them? What’s their T-shirt size? Through identifying the core aspects of your customer, we can begin to recruit and engage them in valuable, meaningful ways that meet your business objectives.

To see some examples of our online communities, take a look at AmericanEHR Partners, the premier online physician and healthcare practitioner community dedicated to the adoption and implementation of electronic healthcare records (EHRs), or visit EA Retail Professionals Program, a community and loyalty program designed to engage retail sales associates and teach them about EA games.


Who We Are

Hot Tomali is an award-winning integrated marketing communications agency based in Vancouver, BC. We're guided by ideas–not mediums. Every project is approached individually to tailor innovative and thought-provoking marketing communications that are specific to your audience. Your needs are unique and every project is unique. Shouldn't every solution also be unique?